Cowboy Science

Your cowboy classroom theme can include plenty of great related science activities. We’re not advocating “cowboy science” — quick and dirty estimations. There’s a place for this kind of scientific thinking, but there are also plenty of science standards that fit right into a study of the old west. You… Continue reading

Women of the Wild West

    When you’re using a cowboy classroom theme or studying the Wild West, don’t forget the women. The photo here is of “Spirit of the Prairie,” a statue in Colby, Kansas, sculpted in 1985 by Charlie Norton. Women didn’t go on cattle drives and they took part in rodeos… Continue reading

Cherokee Water Drums Lesson Plan

  Objectives: Students will recognize that changes in an object can change the pitch it makes. Students will identify Cherokee water drums as an example of this phenomenon. Materials: identical water glasses; at least three Mavalus tape Measuring Cup water Craft Sticks Procedures: Explain that the Cherokee put water in… Continue reading

Cowboy Classroom

A cowboy classroom or Western theme classroom is a perennial favorite. Depending on the items you choose, you can adapt this theme to all grade levels and subject areas. Read on for decorations and resources (and a video that made us laugh out loud). Start with bandanas and denim. Any… Continue reading