Penguins Classroom Theme Ideas

penguins theme ideas

Penguins are fascinating creatures, and they make a great winter theme for the classroom. Do your bulletin boards up in black and white with perhaps some ice blue. Add penguin cut outs, surround them with paper snowflakes or pompon snowballs, and you’ll have an exciting room for the kids to come back to after winter break.

Trend’s Playful Penguin Bulletin Board set includes plenty of cheerful penguins and some ice floes.

penguin bulletin board

DLTK has a simple craft project where kids make penguins with New Year’s resolutions on their tummies and make a bulletin board from them.

Bulletin board sayings for penguin bulletin boards:

  • School’s cool
  • Our class is cool
  • Cool work
  • Slide into a book
  • Slide into a great year
  • Slip sliding into the New Year
  • Let it snow
  • Out class is snow much fun
  • ‘Snow business like show business
  • Winter wonderland
  • Penguins on parade
  • Penguin pals
  • Playful penguins
  • Perky penguins

Once you’ve got your classroom decorated, you might want to study penguins. Here are some quick printables:

Here are resource sites:

  • The New Zealand penguin page has online games, coloring pages, and lots of information.
  • The Sea World site has sections on a number of interesting topics, including adaptation and longevity.
  • LiveScience has photos, videos, and news stories on penguins, and Antarctica.
  • Discovery Kids has a reading passage on penguins that’s great for skimming practice.
  • Zwolle elementary school has a whole bunch of penguin links, if you’re in the mood to browse.

Don’t forget penguin books:

Get your whole-body activity in, too, with Miss Amy’s Penguin Dance:

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