Sports Classroom Theme


There are some real advantages for using a sports theme. It can be energizing, it gives you a natural lead-in for lessons on health and character, it brings up natural science, lit, and social studies connections, and it’s easy to decorate for.

Here are some of the ready-made classroom decoratives we like for a sports theme:

sports theme bulletin board

  • Sport Kids! Bulletin Board is cute without being silly. We like the variety of sports, the diversity of kids, and the fact that there girls are included, though we’d like to see them in team sports occasionally, too.
  • Soccer Goals Bulletin Board does include girls. It lends itself to all kinds of goal setting, whether it’s a general hope for a good year or a way to keep track of who has memorized those multiplication tables.
  • CTP Sports mini bulletin board has just sports gear, but it’s realistic and there’s a good variety of sports represented.
  • We’re Winners! Mini Bulletin Board is all winner’s ribbons with space for kids’ photos and a header saying, “We’re winners!” Not just for sports, but it definitely works with that theme.
  • Another not just sports one is the Bulletin Board Set, which shares the latest government recommendations for food and fitness in English and in Spanish (pick your language, or use both).
  • Fadeless Designs Bulletin Board Paper, Team Sports, 48″ x 50 ft. because it’s so hard to find a good sports background sometimes, and because you can do all kinds of math things with it.

There are also loads of sports posters everywhere — we’re not even going to give you links, because you probably have one in your closet, garage, or kid’s room right now.

Bulletin board slogans or sayings for a sports theme:

  • We’re having a field day!
  • Go for the gold
  • We’re a great team!
  • Welcome to Our Team!
  • All Stars
  • We are the champions!

Bring in sports gear, old team jerseys, and any sports memorabilia you can scrounge up for 3-D additions.

Here are some clever sports-theme ideas for decorating, communicating with parents, rewarding kids, and generally setting the stage:

Sports books for your classroom library:

Fun stuff for your classroom:

These ideas will give you a running start!


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