Owls Classroom Theme Ideas


Owls’ reputation for wisdom makes them perfect for a classroom theme, and this is a good year for owls in the ready-made classroom decoratives.

Carson-Dellosa has a cute Owl design:

classroom owl design

The main bulletin board has a folk art style tree with some forest creatures. The Carson Dellosa Owl Bulletin Board Essentials Set includes the bulletin board set, notepad, cutouts of owls and moons (full and crescent), and a leafy border, while the Owls Classroom Collection has a calendar, blank chart, attendance chart, nameplates, birthday chart, etc. The coordinating Owl Job Assignment Pop-Its Bulletin Board has 37 little 3-D owls  and a header asking “Whooo’s a Good Worker?” I like the fact that the whole set is in fashionable colors — not that we’re advocating dressing to match your room, but it’s easier to pick up paper napkins and stuff like that at the dollar store when you’re using trendy colors.

owl bulletin board

Trend has a collection of sets. There are job charts and calendarts, plus trimmers, incentive pads, name tags, and more.

We’ve made some centers with the  , including the very simple list making projects below. Just accordion pleat some paper and add it to the owl with Glue Dots or double-sided tape. Have students keep lists of new words they learn, equations for converting measurements, or whatever else you’re studying.

Trend’s Big Oak Tree set has an appealing owl, plus various other woodland creatures.

Get yourself an Owl Insulated Lunch Bag, too, just because you deserve it.

With your classroom all owly, you might want some owl printables:

You will of course need an Elementary Owl Pellet Pack. Owl Pellets are the carefully cleaned regurgitated non-nutritious matter from the little creatures owls eat whole. Learn all about them at Kidwings, where you can also do a virtual owl pellet dissection if real owl pellets are too gross for you. Your students will love them, though!


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