Arctic Triptych Unit

Three arctic animals — the seal, the wolf, and the polar bear — have something in common that might surprise you. All of them turn up in European folklore as shape shifters. Your students will know most about werewolves, but the Norwegian tale of the were-bear and the Scottish tale of the were-seal will catch their attention, too.

While you’re thinking about these three creepy tales, you can also examine their food web and how it might be affected by global warming. The 8 page reproducible unit includes lots of data and opportunities to analyze the information, perform calculations, and write about the conclusions drawn.

arctic animals math unit

The unit is suitable for middle and high school, and includes math, reading, and writing, as well as problem solving and creative activities. Great for collaborative work!



The unit gives students an opportunity to practice interpreting and creating charts and graphs, as well as working with raw data.




Readings include both fiction and nonfiction, on several topics centered around the three animals in the Arctic Triptych.



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