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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are greatly in demand in the modern work world. We can incorporate these fields of study into instructional units from preschool on and give our students the strong foundation they need.

End the Skills Gap!

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Chicken Little Lesson PlansChicken Little Lesson Plans

“Chicken Little” is a very good story for young students, with its high level of repetition and simple, cumulative story. But I also like it as a lead-in to disaster preparedness issues for the older ones. “Chicken Little” is also sometimes called “Chicken Licken.” It is even sometimes called “Henny… Continue reading

Cowboy Science

Cowboy science connections for your cowboy classroom include weather and technology. Online resources and lesson plans. Continue reading

Groovy Classroom Themegroovy classroom theme ideas

Feelin’ groovy? Why not pick a groovy classroom theme? Carson Dellosa has Paisley Power. Get your ’70s groove on with tie dye bulletin boards and psychedelic flowers. You can grab an old sheet and a vat of fabric dye and make your own. Pinch a bit of the fabric and… Continue reading

The Perfect Thanksgiving

One of my favorite Thanksgiving books is Eileen Spinelli’s The Perfect Thanksgiving. JoAnn Adinolfi illustrated it with bright colors and primitive drawings with mixed media collage. It is the story of two different Thanksgiving celebrations: the perfect holiday of Abigail Archer, and the imperfect one of the narrator. “Abigail Archer’s father… Continue reading

Aladdin Lesson Plans

The story of Aladdin comes from The Arabian Nights or The 1,001 Nights, a collection of traditional stories from the Middle East. In the story, a young boy is approached by a man who claims to be his uncle. Actually a powerful magician, the supposed uncle leads Aladdin to a… Continue reading

The Fisherman and His Wife

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