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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are greatly in demand in the modern work world. We can incorporate these fields of study into instructional units from preschool on and give our students the strong foundation they need.

End the Skills Gap!

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Foolish Jack Lesson Plans

“Lazy Jack,” or “Foolish Jack,” is a “noodlehead tale” found in many different countries. The basic story is of Jack, a foolish and lazy fellow who goes out to find work. He is paid each day in various goods. When he is paid in money, he loses it, and his… Continue reading

Women of the Wild West

  When you’re using a cowboy classroom theme or studying the Wild West, don’t forget the women. The photo here is of “Spirit of the Prairie,” a statue in Colby, Kansas, sculpted in 1985 by Charlie Norton. Women of the Wild West didn’t go on cattle drives and they took… Continue reading

Detective Classroom Theme

The image of super sleuths tracking down the truth is a great one for learning. Carson-Dellosa has a great ready-made Super Sleuth Collection. The Super Sleuths Bulletin Board Set has large open spaces for writing your own sayings and slogans. Magnifying Glass Cut-Outs are perfect for holding student photos, and there are… Continue reading

Rainforest Lesson Plans: the Amazon Rainforestrainforest bird

  Brazil is the home of the Amazon rainforest, perhaps the most biodiverse land habitat in the world. Learn about Brazil. Begin by creating a mind map about Brazil. We used ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5 Pro, but you can use markers and white boards. Start with what students already know and… Continue reading

Child Leashes: Pros and Cons

Talk to a parent who uses a child leash and you’ll hear that they’re determined to keep their kids safe. You’ll hear about their fear that their son or daughter might run off or step into a busy street. Just a few seconds of inattention, they say, can lead to… Continue reading

Patriotic Classroom Theme

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