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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are greatly in demand in the modern work world. We can incorporate these fields of study into instructional units from preschool on and give our students the strong foundation they need.

End the Skills Gap!

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Teach Like a Pirate, by Dave BurgessTalk Like a Pirate Day lessons

Dave Burgess has put together a fun and inspiring book that will teach you to teach like a pirate — not a thug, but a Douglas Fairbanks-style exciting pirate. The first section of the book examines the characteristics required to teach like a pirate: passion, immersion, rapport, analysis, transformation, and… Continue reading

Toads and Diamonds Lesson Plans

“Toads and Diamonds” is another story from Charles Perrault. Picture books of the story are hard to find, though DK’s A First Book of Fairy Tales includes it. Read the story aloud and then have students retell the tale. For the class retelling, we like to divide the story into… Continue reading

FreshPlans Spring Break: Bake a Loaf

  There is nothing wrong with a bread machine and a box of bread mix. But a Spring Break staycation can give you the opportunity to bake a wonderful homemade loaf of artisanal bread, and that’s a satisfying thing to do. Learn how Whether you’ve never baked bread or you… Continue reading

Summer Classroom Themes

I’m getting ready for summer school. You may be finishing out your year or looking forward to beginning a new school year in August. We all need classroom themes that capture the fun and sun of summer. Here are some of our favorite classroom theme ideas for summer classrooms: Jungle… Continue reading

The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Elves and the Shoemaker is a tale from the Brothers Grimm. In it, a poor shoemaker has only enough leather for one pair of shoes. He cuts the shoes out and leaves them ready to make in the morning. In the morning when he gets up, he finds (usually) two… Continue reading

Pied Piper Lesson Plans

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