Music Lesson Plans

music lesson plans

  Music makes information more memorable, trains the brain, and makes everything more fun, so you’ll find music in lots of our lesson plans on all kinds of subjects. Music is also worth studying for itself. Here are some of our music lesson plans: Pitch Rhythm Dynamics Blues Rock Ballads… Continue reading

Dynamics Classroom Activities

Dynamics in music are one of the hardest things to get across, yet they are one of the easiest ways to improve the sound of your musical performances. If you want your next in-class kazoo concert or your next serious performance for the parents to sound much more polished and… Continue reading

Pitch Classroom Activities

pitch lesson plans

  Sounds are caused when an object vibrates, causing vibrations in the medium through which it travels (generally air), which in turn cause vibrations in the ear drum of a listener. Faster vibrations create higher pitched sounds than slower vibrations. To learn about pitch, you can approach the question from… Continue reading

Rhythm Classroom Activities

  Recognizing and practicing with rhythms is an important pre-reading skill, and it can be both calming and energizing — something you’ll appreciate at this point in the year! How can you teach about rhythm if you’re not a musician? Here are some easy ideas using books, recorded music (your… Continue reading

The Blues Lesson Plans

The Blues are an important American  musical form. Here’s a classroom lesson plan that works on poetry as well as listening skills. Listen to some blues: Blues Journey and Texas Blues at Artsedge; you can explore further with related lesson 12 Bar Blues . Even Kids Get The Blues by the… Continue reading