First Days of School

Community Classroom Theme

  Getting settled into school? Here are some articles that can help: There Are Two Kinds of People in the World… Make a Classroom Logo Getting to Know You Digital Citizenship Teaching for Different Learning Modalities Classroom Communication Classroom Teambuilding Better Classroom Website in a Week GTD for Teachers And… Continue reading

Storytelling Masks

storytelling masks

  When we introduce a story in the classroom, we like to give students the opportunity to retell it. There are lots of ways to approach this, and storytelling masks add easy drama to readers theater, tableaux vivants,  dramatic play, or dramatic retellings. Getting the masks In the photo above… Continue reading

Retrofuture Lesson Plans

retrofuture classroom ideas

“Retrofuture” refers to earlier ideas about what our current time would be like. Now that we’ve hit the 21st century, we have lots to choose from — people making predictions in the 1900s often chose the 21st century to write or draw or make movies about. Have your students explore… Continue reading