Rock’n’Roll Classroom Theme Ideas

rock music classroom theme

Rock & roll makes a fun classroom theme, with some surprisingly serious lesson opportunities. It’s one of the easiest things to pull together, too.

There’s a School Rocks! Bulletin Board from Teacher’s Friend with a banner saying “Our Class Rocks!”

rock n roll bulletin board

There are lots of pieces, and it can fit your door, across the top of the whiteboard, or on a bulletin board equally well.

Teacher Created Resources School Rocks Bulletin Board has a juke box and guitar cutouts.

Carson Dellosa has a Rock Star theme with Rock Stars Bulletin Board Set, “Backstage Passes” for nametags, labels that you can use all over your classroom, stickers, and borders. What’s more, there are few subjects for which it’s so easy to find posters.

Ask around or search your own attic or garage, and you can probably find some old rock concert posters to decorate the walls. Some teachers like to go with a ’50s or ’60s look for rock music themes, but you can let this choice be dictated by how much vintage stuff you can find by scrounging around in your friends’ or your parents’ storage areas. After all, rock music has been around for over half a century, so there’s no need to limit yourself to one rock era.

Making rock band posters is a fun project, too — let students create posters of themselves or their imaginary bands in your graphics program (your classroom computer probably has MSPaint if it’s a PC or Paintbrush if it’s a Mac) or by hand to add to the look of the room.

Bulletin board slogans for a rock theme couldn’t be easier. Just put something in the blank: “______ Rocks!” School, math, our class, books, Grade 5 — anything.

Hang old CDs or vinyl records from the ceiling. A 12-Pack Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitars is another 3-D option. Any space left? Borders, stickers, die cuts, and so on with musical notes and musical instruments are readily available to round out the look — check out our Music Bulletin Boards ideas.

Get some books onto your library table:

You’ll need some music, obviously. You may bring your own MP3s in, but you might prefer music specifically for kids. Here are some excellent choices:

Here are some online resources:

Greet students with some choice music when they arrive, and enjoy your rock’n’roll theme.

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3 Responses to “Rock’n’Roll Classroom Theme Ideas”
  1. Laurie says:

    These are fantastic ideas! I’m using a rock n roll theme with my 4th graders this year and you helped with some great suggestions. I use lots of popular, country, and rock music in my teaching. The kids love it! Some other ideas I’m using for bulletin boards:
    Reading Rock Stars
    Music to my Ears (any good news)
    Stay Tuned (weekly newsletter)

    Thanks for the terrific information!

  2. rebeccahaden says:

    Laurie, those are great bulletin board slogans! I like the idea of carrying the theme through the news boards — then you can even just echo the colors on a main board and still have that rock’n’roll feeling. Thanks for sharing!


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