Team Haden

FreshPlans is a project of Haden Interactive. Specifically, it’s the project of Josepha, Rebecca, and Rosamond Haden. Among us, we have more than twenty years’ teaching experience.


Now we have a new baby in the family, we’ve realized that there is also a need for ideas and information for home learning for babies, so we’re adding this kind of information to FreshPlans, too.

We have had lesson plans online since 2005. Our lesson plans can be found at Artsedge, Hotchalk, and Lesson Plans Page, among other places.

Here are some of the things other teachers say about our lessons:

  • “OMG! I love your posts!”-J.L.
  • “Wonderful! Very useful! Please keep it coming!” -T.A.
  • “OMG this is flippin’ awesome! I love all your lessons!” -D.R.
  • “XDD OMG Awesome!! I’m so bookmarking this for later use. You are my hero!” -F.O.
  • “Excellent and useful lesson plans. Thank you.” -S.E.
  • “I feel your methods and techniques leveraging social media to reach out definitely need to be emulated by more educators, trainers, teachers, and undoubtedly a difference can be made!” -V.M.
  • “When I clicked onto your site, I came across a treasure trove! Thanks for sharing all these great resources and for your wonderful ideas!” -H.V.

We love to hear from you


  1. Just to say a big thank you for making these resources available, and for all the positive energy that emanates from your team.

    Rebecca, I am planning to use part of your ‘Happiness – a writing experience’ for some foreign students. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Henry! I’ve used this with lots of limited English students as well as native speakers. It always brings up interesting classroom discussions. I hope it works just as well for you.

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