Stock Market Lesson Plans

Carson Delossa Understanding the Stock Market

The stock market is an important part of American economic life, and affords lots of teachable moments. It’s a terrific long-term study, which makes it good for the beginning of the school year, and for encouraging responsibility and consistent work habits. It can also be exciting, as you watch “your”… Continue reading

Space Lesson Plans with Google Sky

  Google Earth is a terrific resource for your science classroom, even when you’re studying space rather than Earth. Start by downloading Google Earth. It’s fast and  free. Once it’s installed on your computer (fairly automatic — you might have to give permission, but otherwise it’ll install itself), just open… Continue reading

Media Literacy

My first day of class had some unusual moments. For example, when I arrived in my classroom, it had apparently been having a party over the weekend. There were stacks of cardboard, folders, CD players and CDs, and enormous canvases strewn hither and yon. The tables had gouges in their… Continue reading