Petunia Lesson Plans

Petunia by Roger Duvoisin

  Petunia, by Roger Duvoisin, was published in 1950, but it’s still in print and children still love it. Petunia is a goose who picks up a book. “He who owns books and loves them,” Petunia has recently overheard, “is wise.” Petunia takes this literally, deciding that ownership of the… Continue reading

Good Night, Gorilla Lesson Plans

Goodnight, Gorilla

Is Peggy Rathmann’s Good Night, Gorilla really a classic? I think so. For little children, this nearly wordless book provides just the right amount of plot and character. There’s wit and suspense. If you’re three, it’s absolutely gripping. The story is simple. The gorilla steals the zookeeper’s keys as the… Continue reading

Shakespeare Lesson Plans

Shakespeare lesson plans

  Once I found myself engaged in a conversation about what really needs to be taught. Strictly speaking, I have found myself engaged in conversations on this topic many many times, but I am thinking of one particular occasion. Shakespeare had crept into the discussion. Shakespeare, one speaker claimed, was… Continue reading