Tiger Lesson Plans

wild animal lesson plans

Tigers are beautiful and dangerous, and readily capture the imagination. Enjoy a study of tigers with an easy room set up and plenty of cross-curricular connections.

Get some basic information, videos, and a map of where tigers can be found in the wild at National Geographic’s tiger page.  You can also find a tiger e-card here. Send one to each student to whet their appetites for the tiger unit, or have students send them to their parents — it’s a great first lesson on using online forms, a basic introduction to the use of the keyboard and mouse, or practice for your youngest students in spelling their names and learning their and their parents’ email addresses.

Tigers are a common mascot for schools and for sports team, so it’s easy to find images of tigers for bulletin boards.

Use orange or black background paper for your bulletin board, and a suitable motto:

  • “Our Class is GRRRREAT!”
  • “We’re Tigers for Math!”

Add some leafy plants, real or paper, to simulate a jungle for your tigers.

Read about some literary tigers:

There are lots and lots of tiger mascots and tiger images for companies, from “Put a Tiger in Your Tank” to “Tony the Tiger.” Choose a tiger to research.

Online lesson plans:


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