Asian American Heritage Month Lesson Plan Round-up


It would be nice if Asian Pacific Heritage Month were no longer needed. It would be nice if our history lessons made it clear that the United States has had Asian American presence and contributions for just about as long as we’ve been the United States. It would be nice if our lessons on heroes just naturally included Asian Americans, as well as all the other wonderful diversity of the United States, without our having to make any special effort.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet reached that point.

Until we do, May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

Consider trying out traditional Asian crafts like Pan Dau or origami in the classroom. Play traditional games from India: chess, parcheesi, or navkankari. Make a plastic bag kite.

Here are some online resources for lessons on the subject:

Enjoy these lesson plans on folktales from Asia:

Think about Asian inventions:

Enjoy Asian and Pacific art:

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