Fairy Tale Classroom Theme Ideas


We’ve posted lots of serious fairy tale lesson plans for you, and any of them can give you plenty of ideas for creating a fairy tale theme for your classroom. Fairy tales include heroes, villains, helpers, difficult choices, good and evil, challenges, and consequences. They make an extremely versatile theme.

Go with sanitized picture book or Disney versions for young children, or embrace the creepiness of the Brothers Grimm for secondary school.

You may also want ideas for decorating and setting up a classroom with a fairy tale theme, and that’s what we’re bringing you here.
Medieval Times Bulletin Board Display Set

Teacher Created has a highly detailed medieval bulletin board set. It’s a set of two coated posters.

Big Castle Bulletin Board Set

Create a castle bulletin board with simple shapes cut from paper — triangles and rectangles. The Big Castle bulletin board set shown above is out of print, but it could be recreated with simple shapes.  The Medieval Times Bulletin Board Set from Edupress has a lot of realistic figures to put around your castle.

Title your bulletin board “Once Upon a Time…” to set the fairy tale theme.

Another bulletin board idea is to create a classroom coat of arms from paper. Share Design Your Own Coat of Arms: An Introduction to Heraldry or Coat of Arms (it comes with a stencil) with your students and have them create their own coats of arms, too. Group the student creations around the large central one you’ve created. This little art lesson can lead to some good self-reflection, since imagery is chosen to show character. We like this idea for middle school students.

Older students need some good fairy tale books for the class library or book table. Check out the individual fairy tale lesson plans for lots of suggestions, but also consider these collections:

Fairy tales just cry out to be acted out, so have some good stuff in your dramatic play area:

floor puppet theater

Add a castle to your play area for imaginative play:

There are other cool castle-oriented items worth bringing into your play area or center area:

Whether you’re setting up an entire castle-themed preschool or adding a special touch to intrigue your secondary-level students, something on this list should do the trick!

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