Neighborhood Art Classroom Idea

Do you have public art in your town? We live in towns with plenty of public art, and you may, too.

neighborhood art

Here are some forms of neighborhood art:

  • statues
  • fountains
  • murals
  • art installations


If you can’t think of any examples like this from your town, look a little further afield:

  • beautiful buildings
  • unusual architectural details
  • well-designed signs

Kansas City architectural detail

Take your students out to visit the local neighborhood art, or give a homework assignment:

Choose your favorite piece of public art in our town, and ask your adult helper to take a picture of you in front of it. Choose a work of art that you want to share with your classmates — maybe something they won’t know about till you show them!

Nelson-Atkins sculpture garden

Gather up the photos and create a display.

wall art

Your display can do a lot of things, depending on your class and what you’re studying:

  • Create a map of your town and place all the artworks in the right spots. You can use Google Earth for this, or do it by hand.
  • Label the photos with students’ names and make a “Getting to Know You” or “Welcome to Class” bulletin board.
  • Sort the photos into groups by the medium used in the works of art, or by another characteristic you’re studying. Create a graphic organizer.
  • Use the photos in a Google Earth lesson plan.

This is a nice way to start off the year, a unit on art or communities or photography, or a geography lesson.


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