Halloween Candy Math


Get your class excited about math and aware of the season by using Halloween candy for math manipulatives. Here are some ideas:

You can use them for counting. Have students simply count them, or set them into groups using easily recognizable patterns like the dots on dice to help students recognize quantities quickly.

Halloween candy math

You can use them for patterning, having students reproduce patterns or create their own.

place value practice

You can use them for place value, lining up ten of one kind of candy and showing that it equals one of another kind.

Carry it further by gathering ones and then using ones and tens to show the same quantity.

You can even show equations with candy if you choose it well!


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  1. I am enjoying exploring your blog!

    Before Halloween I used to have kids brainstorm to create candy “categories”, then I sent them home with a chart to fill in as they inventoried their Halloween “haul”. They brought their charts back (at least most of them did!) and we used the data to do intro. to spreadsheets and graphing activities.

  2. I love that idea!

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