Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th to October 15th is National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Hispanic Heritage center

We made a simple center with leftover fiesta bulletin board border. We put events from the history of Mexico onto craft sticks and had students put them in order. It works just as well to alphabetize Spanish words, sort Hispanic American heroes by the national origin of their families, or any other sorting or patterning task.

This is also a great opportunity to appreciate the Spanish language. With about 47 million speakers of Spanish, the United States now has the second largest number of Spanish speakers in the world. Only Mexico has more Spanish speakers than the United States. Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile — all these nations have fewer Spanish speakers than the United States.

Use Google and make a chart of the Spanish-speaking nations of the world. Find out how many Spanish speakers there are in your class, your school, your city, your county, or your state. Create an infographic showing these interesting numbers.

If your class doesn’t speak Spanish, try out a lesson on Spanish greetings from Rocket Languages. You can listen to the correct pronunciation and see the correct spellings. Commit to using Spanish greetings every day during Hispanic Heritage Month, and your class will learn them!

Online resources

FreshPlans Hispanic heritage lesson plans

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