Bats Lesson Plans


Most of the kinds of mammals in the world are bats — they’re actually the largest group of species in the world, with 1,000 different species living on all the continents except Antarctica. We’re lucky we have them, too, since they eat insects.

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  • Remember making chains of paper dolls by folding paper and cutting out people with their hands touching the edge of the paper? You can do the same with bats! Fold the paper, draw the bat (we traced around a cookie cutter) and cut, making sure not to cut the edges.  You end up with a nice garland of bats. We used black tissue paper for a nice drape.
  • Use a Venn diagram to compare bats with birds, and with mice or rats.
  • Crayola has a fun art project about what bats eat, using Model Magic .
  • Paint black or brown paint onto kids’ hands and have them put their hands down on paper carefully with thumbs together. Turn the paper over to see a nice bat print.
  • Make an origami bat.

Some of our favorite bat books:

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