Christmas Around the World Lesson Plans

Christmas Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in many parts of the world, and the traditions for celebrating it vary from one country and region to another. This makes it a great way to study geography, and we also have ideas for art, math, English, and science under specific countries.

Basic plans:

  • Map it! Travel the world, using maps, globes, or Google Earth. For each country that you visit, seek out some basic information, such as the music, games, foods, decorations, and other traditions associated with Christmas. Find out how to say “Merry Christmas” in the language of each country and add a label with the phrase to your map. A physical map makes a wonderful bulletin board as you add pictures, paragraphs, or objects to the map as you learn new things about Christmas celebrations in the nations you study. A Google Earth tour can be created in the same way, and shared with the world online.
  • Graph it! Find out the percentage of people in each country celebrating Christmas, the average amount of money spent for the celebration, and other quantifiable data and compare. Use online pen pals, surveys, or old fashioned postcards and phones to take surveys of different parts of the world, asking about experiences and opinions, and then create pie graphs expressing what you’ve learned. Create a bulletin board of different graphs, or collect them into a Christmas Data book.
  • Make it! Make a traditional decoration, food, or gift from each nation. This can be approached as an art project, or as a math experience as you measure, cut, and plan. Have students bring recipes from home for the foods traditional for their families’ holiday celebrations, or search for recipes using the search engines special to different countries (for example, search “Christmas foods” at, clicking “pages from Australia”). Put a Christmas tree in your classroom and add handmade ornaments for each country as you study — most of our Christmas Around the World Lesson Plans include a paper craft for this purpose.

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