100th Day of School Activities

Sometime in January or February, you’ll reach the 100th day of your school year. Celebrate it, whether your students are just learning to count to 100, or ready to debate the 100 most influential people in history.

100th day classroom bookmarks

Read some suitable books. Use our free 100th day bookmarks to keep your place (click for a PDF to print and cut):

Lesson plan ideas:

  • Make a display of 100 things. Any object will do, of course, but choosing something challenging to collect or fun to build a display from will focus students’ attention best.
  • Challenge students to create a 100th Day badge. Since the primary focal point of this art project will probably be the number 100 and the words “100th Day,” this makes an ideal computer art project. You can use MSPaint, MSWord, or an online tool like the LogoPony Logo Creator. We built this image, based on a project of creating chains of 100 paper clips:

100th Day

  • Debate or discuss and write about the 100 most important people in history, the 100 most important events in history, or the 100 most important inventions in history. Create a timeline marking them, or a gallery of one page reports with drawings.
  • Use the class camera to photograph sets of 1 object, 2 objects, 3 objects, and so on to 100 objects. Use the photos to create a slideshow. Use online tools like Photosnack or Slide, or software like Digital Studio or Roxio Creator 2011. This is a terrific lesson for collaborative work across grades: have the youngest students do the counting, the next level up do the photography, and the oldest students edit the video.

Online resources:

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