Technology and P.E. Lessons

Many schools now require a certain number of minutes of physical activity. If you’re walking or jogging inside the school, you could be taking a virtual trip.

You’ll need a pedometer or a marked course so you can measure how far you travel. You’ll also need Google Earth on your classroom computer.

The video above outlines the idea, and here is a step by step plan:

  • Put a placemark on your school — the video below will show you how easy it is.
  • Take your walk or jog and measure the distance.
  • If you’re using one pedometer, multiply the total by the number of people participating. If you have a class set, use the sum of all the measurements.
  • Find a place that number of miles away, and add a placemark there.
  • Use the description box to add information about the places you visit, including photos or data your students find through research. Save all the placemarks in a folder.
  • At the end of the term, you can make a Google Earth Tour with the placemarks.


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  1. Nice idea for integrating technology into the curriculum. So a group of 4 students walks say, one mile. Then they pick a random place on google earth 4 miles away and put a placemark there and them repeat this through the semester and then create a tour? Do I understand that correctly?

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