Cupcake Bulletin Boards


Cupcakes are trendy right now, and they make a fun celebratory classroom theme, too.

But cupcakes aren’t just for birthdays any more in daily life, so they don’t have to be limited that way in the classroom, either. Pick a sweet slogan:

  • We’ve got a sweet class!
  • Looking forward to a sweet year!
  • 5th Grade is a piece of cake!
  • Our class takes the cake!
  • Math Treats!

There are ready-made bulletin board sets for this theme. I like the Celebrate Bulletin Board from Susan Winget because it’s cute and festive without being too childish.

SW Cupcakes Set
Cupcakes are a natural for the birthday board, and the Teachers Friend Birthday Graph uses cupcakes  for graphing practice, too. Scholastic does one, too.

The Susan Winget designs certainly work well for birthdays, too:

Cupcake Straight Border Trim from Susan Winget
Cupcake Wear'Em Badges from Susan Winget

Use cupcake cutouts:

bulletin board cupcake

We traced around a CD for the cupcake (pink) and again for the frosting (white), cutting that circle in half with a wavy line. We used patterned paper to make a cupcake liner, using the grid in the design to get straight lines for our trapezoid. The icing is just the right space for kids’ photos, or you could add sprinkles and write student names on them.

We like interactive bulletin boards, too, so we’d put questions on the frosting and answers on the cake beneath (or the paper beneath, if you’re using ready-made cutouts). For the first day of class, let the questions be a fun way to discover rules or how-tos for the class. All year round, make it equations or thought-provoking questions on the cake. Attach the cupcake to the board with a hinge of transparent tape so students can lift the cake to find the answer below it.


Become everyone’s favorite teacher by baking cupcakes for the first day!


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