FreshPlans Goes to the Aquarium


We enjoyed a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It’s a beautiful space, and it gives visitors the chance to get up close and personal with creatures you just don’t see every day.

An aquarium is essentially a zoo of underwater creatures. A good aquarium gives us a chance to observe fish from many places at close quarters, while also teaching us about theire lives and habitats. Aquarium of the Pacific does a wonderful job.

Aquarium of the Pacific

We were welcomed by a blue whale swimming through the air above us.

blue whale

This is not, of course, a live whale, but the Aquarium of the Pacific has lots of interpretive exhibits. There’s also a petting zoo — in a tidepool.


We got to pet starfish and stingrays. Sometimes creatures don’t feel at all the way we expected them to.

Aquarium of the Pacific

There were helpers to make sure the animals were all safe and well. This one reminded us of a mermaid.


When we had seen all the sea creatures outdoors, we went inside to look at all the undersea animals from the Pacific Ocean. My favorite creatures were the jellyfish.


They are beautiful and surprising.

sea dragon

I also really liked the sea dragon. The Aquarium of the Pacific is the only place that has been able to breed sea dragons in captivity.

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