Polka Dot Bulletin Boards


In a Polka Dots vs. Stripes smackdown at Tumblr, polka dots won. There are lots of options this year if polka dots have won your heart.

Start with TCR’s polka dot calender:
Polka Dot School Calendar Bulletin Board

Then check out the coordinating stuff:

Apples and Dots Straight Border Trim

All the TCR polka dot stuff works together, of course.

You can use dotty bulletin board sayings:

  • Spotted being good
  • We’re dotty over reading!
  • Our classroom is the sweet spot!
  • Spot on!
  • X marks the spot… for learning

Another fun idea is RoomMates Black and White Chalkboard Dots Peel & Stick Wall Decals. These are black chalkboard dots and white markerboard dots you can put anywhere you want. Without writing, they look like multi-size black and white polka dots, but you can write on them and erase them. Perfect for word wall letters, center labels, student names, class rules, or message centers.

More polka dots:

Polka dots are a fashion statement, of course, and don’t have to go with any particular instructional content. If you want to start out with something dotty, though, consider ladybugs.


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