Ancient Greece Lesson Plans

A study of Ancient Greece stirs the imaginations of students, and provides essential background for understanding U.S. history and government.

There are lots of excellent books for this study:

Online resources:

Some of our favorite lesson plans for Ancient Greece:

  • Explore Greek mythology with Persephone and Demeter Lesson Plans and the Weather Gods Smackdown. Have students choose their favorite god or hero from the Greek pantheon and create a trading card or poster board presentation about him or her.
  • Connect Greek mythology with your study of astronomy. Start with Pluto Lesson Plans. Use Google Sky to explore heavenly bodies, and then have students look up the corresponding stories in Greek mythology. Note that some of our planets and constellations use Roman names for characters also found in Greek mythology.
  • Spend some time learning about the Ancient Greek Olympics and comparing them with the modern Olympics. Use Venn diagrams to capture the differences and similarities. Then have students write a report about the modern Olympics from the point of view of an Ancient Greek time traveler.
  • Family relationships in Ancient Greece were very different from those in modern American families. Challenge students to write a situation comedy set in Ancient Greece. Analyze modern situation comedies centering on families to understand how modern families are portrayed. Research Ancient Greek family dynamics. Then have students create an overall plan for a Ancient Greek family situation comedy and write a trailer for the new series coming up on TV. Create a script and a storyboard for the trailer — film it if that’s practical for your classroom.
  • Have students enjoy a Google Earth tour of the Acropolis. Many people believe that Ancient Greece is in many ways the foundation of our civilization, while others would say that our modern society is completely alien from Greece. Organize a debate on this question, having students on both sides research and  present evidence for their positions.


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