Superhero Writing Lessons

superhero lesson plans

Writing can be a pleasure, especially with fun, highly motivating writing assignments. How about superheroes for a writing theme? Check out our list of great superhero writing prompts:

  • The most obvious writing assignment for a superhero theme is writing a comic book or, less ambitiously, a comic strip. have students  come up with a story, characters, and dialogue. Then let them  create their comic strip. This can certainly be an art lesson, too.
  • For a different kind of challenge, pick up a superhero comic book, tear out the pages, and pass them out to students. Have students cover the dialogue and narration with correction tape (or do it yourself and make copies for neater results) and make up their own words to go with the pictures.
  •  Want to extend the lesson? Check out Superhero Nation’s extensive advice for writing about superheroes! Also have a look at our Science Fiction Genre Studies , Robot Lesson Plans, and Superhero Lesson Plans for ideas and resources.
  • Once the comic strips are completed, challenge students to turn their strips into stories or scripts for a one-act play.
  • Check out Superhero lessons for startups. 10 qualities of superheroes that help businesspeople are identified and written up as posters. Do the same for students, readers, writers, or whatever group makes most sense for your class. This could make a terrific bulletin board if you have each student make one poster and then vote for the ten best.
  • What’s your superpower? Encourage students to decide thoughtfully what their personal superpower might be. A poster for each desktop, maybe? This should also lead to a paragraph or essay explaining why and how he or she claims this superpower.
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