A Pirate Writing Adventure, Step 2


Once you have something to say, it’s time to organize the information and get it written down.

Use the Pirate Writing Organization Sheet top explore several different ways of organizing information:

  • Chronological order makes sense when you’re telling a story or describing events that happened in time. Smithsonian’s story of William Dampier, The Pirate Who Collected Plants, is a good example of this kind of organization.
  • Compare and contrast is a good way to look at two things that have some things in common. A National Geographic lesson plan leads students to compare historic and modern piracy.
  • Cause and effect organization is a good way to explore causes and consequences of a phenomenon. Pirate Matty presents an argument about the Causes of Piracy in the Caribbean.

Having discussed these types of organization (and any others in your frameworks), encourage students to choose an organizational plan and use our graphic organizers to plot out their essays.

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