FreshPlans Goes to Paris


Paris is one of the great cities of the world. We visited the City of Lights and enjoyed long walks, fine art, and amazing food.



The older parts of Paris are filled with stunning architecture and many places to explore.



There are wonderful new parts of Paris, too, with their own impressive architecture. Paris has many parks and you see people walking everywhere.



Too far to walk? You can take the subway — the famous Paris Metro. The Art Nouveau style was all the rage when these entrances were first built.



Every street in Paris has a place where you can take a break and watch people going by.



Paris is famous for excellent food, from fruit and yogurt to roasted cauliflower to pastry.


This nice fresh vegetable is wrapped up in paper, sort of like a hamburger in an American city.

French pastry can be very fancy, often with half a dozen layers of fruit, cake, and cream.

This woman is in charge of the pastries.

This woman is selling cheese in an outdoor market. French food can be simple or complicated, but it's always fresh and delicious.

Paris is famous for art museums, too. Sculpture, paintings, and other works of fine art from all times and places can be found in the many art museums of Paris.

Of course, we also enjoyed the museums of science and natural history.


Your virtual field trip

Visit Paris with Google Earth, and see many of the places we visited, with lots of useful information.


 This video shows a walk in Paris with time lapse photography.


Or enjoy a walk through time showing Paris at different stages of its history.

Don’t miss the amazing collections from Paris in Google Art and Culture. Explore as a class, or let students wander virtually through this awesome site over the course of your Paris unit.

Online teaching resources on Paris

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