FreshPlans Spring Break: Take up a Craft


Spring Break is long enough to take up a new craft or to make a project with a skill you don’t get to use enough during the school year.

Whether you’d like to knit a hat or build a bookcase, you can do it.

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Learn something new

You might find classes in your neighborhood. But you will certainly find lessons online. Try these resources:

  • Craftsy has top quality video classes on everything from cake decorating to joinery. Want to make a wooden bowl? You can do it before you go back to class. Create a bracelet or a piece of art for your wall.
  • Instructables goes beyond the classics. Like maybe you want to build a robot, make an ice cream machine, or learn 3-D printing. There are plenty of individual projects, plus classes in lots of different skills.
  • YouTube is free and if you want to make something (a trebuchet, a clay portrait…) you can probably find a video. Spring Break is short, though, and you can spend hours searching without finding a good video.

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Pick it up again!

This is the perfect time to pull out that old soldering iron.  Declare your dining room a craft studio for Spring Break and spend as much time as you want reviving those skills.

Whether you’re taking up something new or picking up an old favorite, plan for maximum productivity:

  • If you have kids, dogs, or other responsibilities, make a plan for their safety and enjoyment. A special play area in the room where you’re working can be a big help.
  • Put dinner in the slow cooker or order in. You can often go online and schedule that pizza delivery fora specific time.
  • Pick a show to binge-watch or a looong playlist. Alexa can help. You don’t want to have to stop every thirty minutes and make a new decision.
  • Schedule a break. Alexa can help, again. You need to get up and stretch or take a brisk walk outside at some point, even if you’re really in the zone.

Show us your Spring Break makes!

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