Patriotic Classroom Theme

As we get ready for an election year, a patriotic theme is a natural. It’s also a fun way to introduce American History lessons, and a cheerful theme at any time.  Read on for ideas for ways to use patriotic songs in art and English lessons.

There are plenty of ready-made decoratives (more at the bottom of the page):

Slogans can range from “Hooray for America!” to “Showing Our True Colors.”

Bring out some patriotic books:

You might have noticed quite a few patriotic songs already, but there are more, and they make a great way to do basic language arts instruction. Think of all the topics you can work on with some big charts of those songs:

  • rhyme
  • rhythm
  • spelling
  • parts of speech
  • synonyms
  • antonyms
  • symbolism
  • similes
  • metaphors

Have students think about, discuss, and then illustrate their favorite things about their country. Challenge each student to find a line from one of the patriotic songs you’ve sung that fits his or her picture. Then create a class book of patriotic songs illustrated with student artwork.

We have some lesson plans and classroom activities to learn more about the USA:


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