Cowboy Classroom

A cowboy classroom or Western theme classroom is a perennial favorite. Depending on the items you choose, you can adapt this theme to all grade levels and subject areas. Read on for decorations and resources (and a video that made us laugh out loud).

Start with bandanas and denim. Any cowboy hats hanging around from the fair or birthday parties? Perch them on a shelf or hang them on the wall to set the mood.

There are plenty of ready-made options for a cowboy classroom. Teacher Created has a “Roundup” set with pieces designed to feature names and slogans.

Renewing Minds has a set with teen appeal.

North Star can be counted on for maximum cuteness, in this case with googly eyed cowboy gear and a “Welcome to Our Corral” piece that will make a quick welcoming bulletin board.

Wanted posters are a classic option for rounding up helpers in a cowboy classroom.

CTP does a cute Stick Kids version:

Write names on the hats, or size classroom photos to fit faces under those hats.

Write classroom rules up on a chart titled “The Code of the West” or “The Cowboy Way.” Add a growth chart for younger students.

Slogans for a cowboy classroom

  • Howdy, Pardner!
  • Yee Ha!
  • Yippie ti yi yay!
  • Saddle up!
  • Write ’em, Cowboy!
  • Reading Roundup
  • Wanted: Math Stars
  • A Place to Hang Your Hat
  • Cowboy Up!
  • Giddy Up!
  • Have a Rootin’ Tootin’ Year!


Bring out your favorite cowboy books. The list below is our favorite group for elementary school.

Ready for some cowboy math?Just for fun!

Online resources

Get some background knowledge for your cowboy classroom with primary resources:

Find some worksheets:

  • KidSoup has reproducibles for little buckaroos covering lots of subjects.
  • Use a worksheet generator to create word puzzles and math worksheets. There are some ready made ones to download, too.

Whether you’re going to study cowboys or just enjoy a western-themed classroom, you should be in the mood now!


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