Rainforest Lesson Plans: the Amazon Rainforest



rainforest lesson plans

Brazil is the home of the Amazon rainforest, perhaps the most biodiverse land habitat in the world.

Learn about Brazil. Begin by creating a mind map about Brazil. Start with what students already know and add to it as you study.

Online resources

  • Explore the Amazon with Google Earth.
  • PBS has some intriguing classroom activities.
  • Rainforest activities with a downloadable presentation.
  • You might need a printable outline map of Brazil.
  • Edhelper has a collection of printable worksheets for Brazil, ranging from tracing to reading comprehension passages.
  • An ecology report for Brazil is just right for middle school readers.
  • One of my favorite books for Brazil is The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest, by Lynn Cherry. AtoZ Teacher Stuff has is an ecology- oriented lesson for the book.  TCR does one of their excellent literature units for this book, too, if you wanted to go into more depth.
  • The Portugese language is spoken in Brazil. Learn some Portugese songs.
  • Carneval is a time for fun and frolic, and Rio de Janeiro is a famous spot to celebrate Carneval. Read tourist information or study the religious roots of the custom. Lent, the 40 days before Easter, is traditionally a time of fasting, so Carneval (or Carnival in English) is a way of saying goodbye to meat. Brazil celebrates for four days before Lent.
  • Learn about soccer, an important sport in Brazil.
  • The samba is a traditional dance of Brazil. Try it out, or click that link for a serious social studies unit on the subject.


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