Map Work for Hispanic Heritage Month


There are more than 50 million people in the United States who trace their family origin to a Spanish-speaking country or territory. The list below shows the percentage of people from each of the most common locations of family origin.

  • 63% Mexico
  • 9% Puerto Rico
  • 3.5% Cuba
  • 3.3% El Salvador
  • 2.8% Dominican Republic
  • 2.1% Guatemala
  • 1.8% Columbia
  • 1.3% Spain
  • 1.3% Honduras
  • 1.1% Ecuador


Data from the Pew Research Center. Note that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. The other places on the list are nations.

Make a display


Have students create a pie chart showing the percentages for each listed location, using “Other” for the remaining points.

World Map

Download the world map. Print one for each student, or pair of students. Have students find the countries from the list above on the map.


Using yarn or Wiki Sticks, students should connect the part of the pie chart to the location on the map.

Encourage students to add their names to the country or countries of their family’s origin if they have this information.

Choose several of the maps to use for a bulletin board display.

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