Star Wars Classroom Theme

Eureka has come out with a full collection of Star Wars goodies for the classroom. With bulletin board sets, posters, “Go Arounds” to trim your doors, and more, you can load up your virtual shopping cart, get your decoratives delivered to your classroom, and have your room ready in no time. (Click on the picture to see the whole collection at Amazon.)

You probably have your own favorite quotes, but here are some Star Wars slogans for your bulletin board:

  • May the Force be with you!
  • Do or do not. There is no Try!
  • The day we stop believing democracy can work is the day we lose it.
  • Only you can change yourself.
  • Your focus determines your reality.
  • Stay on target.

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Use the Star Wars theme to get your class off to a bold start every day. March around the room, strike bold poses, or do a full-on choreographed Dance of the Storm Troopers. However, you choose to interpret the music, you’ll get energized.


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