Dragons Classroom Theme

A dragon theme is a hot classroom theme for summer, and cool for any time of year.

We haven’t found any ready-made bulletin board sets featuring dragons, but you can get creative with posters and party decorations.

This scales border would be good:

We found some online ideas for dragon bulletin boards:

  • A Chinese dragon made with paper plates
  • Josh Lacey’s blog includes a photo of a bulletin board dragon cut from Astroturf. Project your favorite dragon book illustration onto a sheet of paper, cut the dragon out, and use it as a pattern.
  • Great Artist Mom shared a dragon mural experience that could be adapted to a bulletin board.

Classroom slogans for your dragon theme classroom

  • We’re not dragon our feet in fifth grade!
  • Here Be Dragons
  • Face the Dragon
  • Tame the Math Dragons
  • Get fired up for first grade!
  • Welcome to Our Lair!
  • Our Treasure of Knowledge
  • We Hoard New Words
  • Come into the Dragon’s Den!
  • We’re hot stuff!
  • Sir Readalot Conquers the Dragon!
  • Red Hot Reading

Dragon books

One area where a dragon theme has a big advantage is in books. There are plenty of awesome dragon books for kids.

    • series
    • (Magic Tree House series)

    We could go on.

    In general, there are two kinds of mythical dragons: European and Chinese dragons.

    • European dragons fly, breathe fire, live on a hoard of treasure, and fight with knights. Sometime they eat people, especially young girls.
    • Chinese dragons are powerful but good, unlike Western dragons which are often evil. There are different kinds of dragons in Chinese mythology. They live in different places and have different roles.

    You might choose one kind of dragon over the other, or use your Venn diagrams to compare the two.

    Komodo dragons

    Fictional dragons are great, but you might also include the Komodo Dragon. National Geographic Kids awesome book Chomp: Fierce facts about the Bite Force, Crushing Jaws, and Mighty Teeth of Earth’s champion chewers describes the komodo dragon as the “ultimate predator.”

    A komodo dragon can be 10 feet long and weigh 300 pounds. That makes it the biggest lizard in the world. It has 60 sharp teeth that deliver a venomous bite. It’s teeth are like those of a prehistoric velociraptor. They’re not fire-breathers and they don’t look as fancy as fictional dragons — they can’t even fly. But komodo dragons run fast and can take down a water buffalo.

    We saw this komodo dragon at the Tulsa Zoo, but they actually live on islands in Indonesia. We don’t have to worry about meeting them on the way to school.

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