Great Quotations Classroom Theme

If there’s ever been a year that cried out for inspiration, 2021 is it! We think this is the perfect year for a Great Quotations classroom theme, starting out with inspiring words on the walls.

There are plenty of ready-made bulletin board and poster sets. You may have your own favorite classic quotes from wise people, but you can also start with a layer of upbeat sayings for everyone.

We like this chalkboard-style growth mindset collection:

“The best view comes after the hardest climb,” is one of this set, and “You are capable of more than you know.”

Carson Dellossa has a bright colored set:

“Believe in the power of yet” is one of our favorites. You might not be good at something — yet is a very different proposition from just not being good at something.

Classic quotes posters are also plentiful. This set from Focus and Zeal has quotes from Henry Ford, Napoleon Bonaparte, Vincent Van Gogh, and Winston Churchill.

While posters are convenient and easy to find, wall decals are another fun option.

DIY great quotations

Of course, you can make your own inspiring quotations, on the whiteboard or anywhere else. Here are some inspiring collections:

Online resources:

How to get these into your classroom? Bulletin boards and wall art are always good options, but there are more possibilities:

  • Online poster-making tools like Canva and Piktochart are fun, easy, and free. Start by making a few of your own, and then use the services for assignments for your students. WordSwag is an app for your phone that makes it easy to turn classroom photos into Pinterest-style posters.
  • Magnetic Poetry can be used to create great quotations on any magnetic surface. If you don’t have a magnetic surface in your classroom, magnetic paint on one wall or any other surface will create one. You can paint over it with a color without losing the magnetic surface.
  • This is a great use for pocket charts, too!
  • Make hand-drawn posters as an art project. A great tutorial on drawing bubble letters is a fun starting point, or do a unit on calligraphy.

A Great Quotations theme helps you start the year with positive energy!


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