Jungle Classroom Theme

Jungle classrooms are a fun way to welcome students to class, and they can be very quick and easy to organize, because there are lots of ready made decorations for jungle classrooms.

You’ll have so much extra time and attention you can add a super fun welcoming touch like our pawprint cupcakes!

pawprint cupcake

Bake and ice cupcakes — green icing might be more jungly, actually — and then use candy to create the pawprints. We used a Russell Stover mint and four Junior Mints.

  • CYP’s “Wild about…” is cute and lively, and you can make your bulletin express wildness about anything, from math to band.

If you prefer DIY, grab some Safari Prints Paper for the bulletin board backgrounds and take it from there.

For bulletin board slogans, try one of these:

  • It’s a Jungle in Here!
  • Welcome to the Jungle!
  • Swing into Learning! (to go with monkeys)
  • Get Into the Swing of Things!
  • We’re Wild About Learning (math, reading, 2nd Grade…)
  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side
  • Learning is an Adventure

You’ll find online resources, books, activities, and lesson plan ideas in these posts:

More online resources:

  • NGAKids has a wonderful online jungle activity based on the work of Henri Rousseau. Kids can practice their mouse skills as they click and drag elements into a jungle scene. Use this for an art lesson on composition, and introduction to jungles in art, or to help little children get to know their computers. For older students, check out a Google Earth Tour of Rousseau’s life and discuss the appeal of the jungle.
  • Visit a jungle virtually with Explore.org’s live cameras.
  • Jungle dioramas are fun. Let us offer you a jungle background and animals to start with. Click on them twice  for full-size pictures to print.
  • jungle diorama background
  • jungle animals

Fun things for the classroom:

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