Shabby Chic Classroom Look

A classroom theme can liven up your classroom, add excitement to the beginning of the year, and help you organize your studies. We have lots of fun classroom theme ideas, from a cowboy classroom to a unicorn theme. But sometimes you’re going for a special look, not a theme. And one of the most charming we’ve seen this year is Shabby Chic.

Teacher Created has a whole ensemble of Shabby Chic products for the classroom. We love the Mason Jars Cutouts for displaying student photos. Combine them with the matching Welcome banner for a fast and effective door treatment.

This collection uses teal and tan for the main colors, so it’s easy to find office supplies and fabrics to use as backgrounds. Soak your fabric in fabric starch and smooth it onto a wall space or an old blackboard. Then use more fabric to sew up a skirt for your desk. We use Velcro tabs to hold it in place.

Here’s another fun touch: industrial-look light bulb cutouts.

This is from Schoolgirl Style’s Industrial Chic collection, which also includes this adorable Welcome bulletin board set.

This collection can mix with TCR’s Shabby Chic to create a look that’s all yours.

It’s easy to bring in vintage yard sale cushions to create a relaxing reading area.

Use real Mason jars to sort and store supplies. Save one for a bouquet of wildflowers!

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