Cactus Classroom Theme

Choose a trendy theme for your classroom this year: a cactus classroom theme. It works with your cowboy classroom, makes a great starting point for a study of biomes, suits a Spanish class, and looks great!

There are some very snazzy ready-made decoratives for a cactus theme this year.

Eureka has a bright bulletin board set with lots of great slogans. “Cactus makes perfect” might be a stretch, but there are plenty of others — and who doesn’t like a groaner of a pun?

Cheery cactus characters abound.

When We Learn We Grow” is an inspiring growth mindset message.

Browse through all the options — there are plenty of choices this year.

An inflatable cactus will set the tone!

Cactus Classroom Slogans

  • We’re going to have a fan-cactus year!
  • Keep sharp!
  • Stick to it!
  • In this class, we stick together!
  • Bloom where you’re planted!
  • Sharp work!
  • Our class is on point
  • Lookin’ sharp
  • We’re growing!

Cactus Books

The last book in this group is a Southwestern take on Stone Soup.

Online Resources

  • A lesson plan built on the book Around One Cactus includes instructions for creating a terrarium, plus lots of other cool stuff. The book is out of print, but your library may have it. You can also click through the link to find it used.
  • Use a paper cactus art project to decorate your classroom while practicing following instructions.
  • Make a virtual visit to a cactus garden.
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