Sports Classroom Theme

Sports Classroom Theme

There are some real advantages for using a sports theme. It can be energizing, it gives you a natural lead-in for lessons on health and character, it brings up natural science, lit, and social studies connections, and it’s easy to decorate for.

Here are some of the ready-made classroom decoratives we like for a sports theme:

There are also loads of sports posters everywhere — we’re not even going to give you links, because you probably have one in your closet, garage, or kid’s room right now.

Bulletin board slogans or sayings for a sports theme:

  • We’re having a field day!
  • Go for the Gold
  • We’re a great team!
  • Welcome to Our Team!
  • All Stars
  • We are the champions!

Bring in sports gear, old team jerseys, and any sports memorabilia you can scrounge up for 3-D additions.

Here are some clever sports-theme ideas for decorating, communicating with parents, rewarding kids, and generally setting the stage:

Sports books for your classroom library:

Fun stuff for your classroom:

These ideas will give you a running start!


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