Infographics Lesson Plans

illustrated bar graph

  Infographics are trendy, and they’re also an efficient and appealing way of sharing information. Next time you study graphs and charts, include infographics as well. Read infographics Begin with my collection of animal infographics at Pinterest, or your own classroom collection. Go through them and discuss what information each… Continue reading

Christmas Math

Connecting math with Christmas is easy, because Christmas is part of real life, and real life involves math. One starting point is this quick Christmas Ornament Craft. This idea lets you combine measurement and counting with holiday decorating.     Here are some faves from around the web: The Christmas… Continue reading

Count Spaceships

spaceship worksheet

Just for fun (and early math practice), a spaceship counting worksheet for your class. We have different numbers of items, some all alike and some mixtures, and different arrangements, so there’s a little bit of challenge even though the numbers are small. Click to download the pdf file. count-spaceships Continue reading