Combinatorics for Breakfast

Hendrix Ultimate team

  The Hendrix Flying Squirrels and Sugar Gliders are the Ultimate Frisbee teams of Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. They came to Fayetteville, home of FreshPlans, for a tournament, and they fueled up for the day’s games with a good breakfast. This gave us an excellent opportunity to practice combinatorics.… Continue reading

Big Numbers Lesson Plans

  Many of us get hazy when numbers get big. I once heard the number 300 terabytes tossed out, and had a hard time envisioning it. An engineer calculated it down to a comprehensible level for me: you’d need 300 terabytes of data space for 15,360 power users, about 62,000… Continue reading

Stock Market Lesson Plans

Carson Delossa Understanding the Stock Market

The stock market is an important part of American economic life, and affords lots of teachable moments. It’s a terrific long-term study, which makes it good for the beginning of the school year, and for encouraging responsibility and consistent work habits. It can also be exciting, as you watch “your”… Continue reading