Retrofuture Lesson Plans

retrofuture classroom ideas

“Retrofuture” refers to earlier ideas about what our current time would be like. Now that we’ve hit the 21st century, we have lots to choose from — people making predictions in the 1900s often chose the 21st century to write or draw or make movies about. Have your students explore… Continue reading

Heat Lesson Plans

heat experiments

  As the weather warms up, it gets harder to pay attention in class and easier to stare out the window and think about recess. This isn’t the only effect of heat, though. Explore the amazing power of heat with a simple classroom experiment. You’ll need sugar, water, a hot… Continue reading

Biomes Lesson Plans

biomes lesson plans: desert canyon

  We can divide the world into biomes, areas that are geographically distinct and have characteristic plants and animals. The desert is different from the rainforest, and the tundra is different from the ocean. Incorporate art, social studies, and science into your classroom with lesson plans focused on the biomes.… Continue reading