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Meld science, art, and literature into a robot classroom theme this year — or just have fun with a robot themed classroom. Don’t miss the cupcakes at the end of the post!

There’s plenty ready made:

robot job assignment

  • Scholastic’s All-About-Me Robot is a graphic organizer kids can fill out with details about themselves. Post these for a great getting-to-know you activity.
  • CTP has a new Riveting Robots  theme with a different look.



robot manners poster

Robots are also pretty easy to make yourself if you’re a DIY decorator. Learn to draw a robot or use Carson’s Measure Man pattern. Then head to the hardware store for robotic-looking things like vent pipes and gears you can hang from your ceiling.

Since robot designs can be created from simple shapes, it’s fun and easy to have your class build robots from paper shapes, candy, or recyclables. If you like to involve the class in decorating, this is a great theme for you.

More online robot fun:

  • Family Fun’s cut out robot is fun for scissor skills, dexterity, and following directions. Hang them from your ceiling or put them around the room on shelves.
  • Blue Mountain has printable cards, decorations, and candy wrappers.
  • BNute has robot coloring sheets and scavenger hunt cards that’ll have kids looking around for screws, meters, and other mechanical things.
  • Slightly older students will enjoy Family Fun’s Robot Matching Game.
  • Printable robot stuff can be downloaded at Venspired.

Learn about robots:

Fun things for your classroom:

Okay, now it’s time for the cupcakes:

robot cupcakes

Drawing robots or creating them from recyclables can be a lot of fun, but there’s nothing like making candy robots on cupcakes to bring out the artist in everyone. We think that Licorice Allsorts would be the best materials for this project, but we couldn’t find any locally. It was fun and creative even so.

We’ve seen a lot of paper hallpasses online, designed to be printed out and laminated. While we like the concept, we know that those hallpasses aren’t going to last for any time at all. Try this instead.


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