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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are greatly in demand in the modern work world. We can incorporate these fields of study into instructional units from preschool on and give our students the strong foundation they need.

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Christmas in Mexico Lesson Plans

  Seasonal geography lessons make a satisfying study and a great way to cover all the bases before leaving for winter break. Here are some of our favorite ideas for studying Christmas in Mexico in the classroom. Tomie de Paolo has done some wonderful books for this study. The Legend… Continue reading

Christmas in Australia Lesson Plans

Christmas in Australia is influenced by European traditions, but there are some big differences. Christmas takes place in the summer in Australia, since it’s in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s an excellent opportunity for a science lesson. For this activity, you’ll need some things: Make word cards with the names of… Continue reading

Puerto Rico Lesson PlansPuerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. In 2017, the people of Puerto Rico voted on whether to become the 51st state in the Union, and the vast majority of voters said yes. In November, 2020, a majority of voters said yes to statehood. Puerto Rico was devastated… Continue reading

Xiangmiang: Trickster Tales of Laos

Many cultures have trickster tales: stories about a clever person or animal who plots to play tricks on others. Sometimes the tricksters have an undercurrent of danger, sometimes they’re mean, sometimes they’re foolish, and sometimes they’re just funny. Anansi the Spider, Jack of stories like “Jack the Giant-Killer,” and Coyote… Continue reading

Pied Piper Lesson Plans

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is unusual, in that it is both a fairy tale (a story with magical elements) and a legend (a story based on real events). The story is a simple one. The town of Hamelin (or Hameln, a real town in Germany) was overrun by rats.… Continue reading

Christmas in France Lesson Plans

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