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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are greatly in demand in the modern work world. We can incorporate these fields of study into instructional units from preschool on and give our students the strong foundation they need.

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Japanese Fish Art Lesson PlansPisces Indecision by Jeanette Jobson

Japan has an unusual artistic tradition: gyotaku, fish printing. The image above is “Pisces Indecision,” a print by Canadian artist Jeanette Jobson, who extends the technique beyond its traditional boundaries. Traditional Japanese fish art is an exciting art project with cross-curricular opportunities. Gyotaku began as a means for fishermen to… Continue reading

Sewing for STEM

  When Josepha and Rebecca went to the Maker Faire in Paris, they were surprised to discover that one of the exhibitors specialized in making sewing machines available to the children of Paris. “Don’t they have them at home?” Rebecca asked. No, actually. Their grandmothers own sewing machines, but the… Continue reading

Apple Classroom Theme Ideas

You can’t go wrong with the classics. If that’s not enough of a reason to consider apples for a classroom theme, here are a few more reasons: There is nothing so easy to find as apple decorations. Choose apples and you can get your room put together fast. There are stickers,… Continue reading

Aviation Classroom Theme

We love aviation as a classroom theme for all ages. It’s easy to set up your classroom, science and social studies connections abound, and the theme fits in well with all kinds of motivational and character programs. Our linked resources will give you some great computer skills practice, too. Also… Continue reading

Dinosaur Classroom Theme

  A dinosaur theme is always a crowd pleaser, whether you’re doing it for dino-mad kindergartners or getting serious about geological time with a high school science class. It’s also great for those of us who like our bulletin boards ready made. There are lots of options: Eureka’s Smithsonian Amazing… Continue reading

Table Manners Lesson Plans

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