Brains Classroom Activities

brains and teaching

Studying about how we think and learn can make a difference to how we study, and even to how well we learn. Whether it’s part of your biology lesson or an unusual classroom theme, consider a little brain study to smarten up your classroom.

  • The Virtual Body’s brain section has lots of graphics and data, including how various foods support brain functioning.
  • Send a BAW postcard to introduce the unit to your class, let them send postcards from the computer center, or try out the online jigsaw puzzles.
  • Check out Neuroscience for Kids, Dr. Chudler’s wonderful website, which has instructions for making neuron models out of all kinds of things (beads are my favorite), experiments and experiences for the classroom and for science fair, directions for playing Synaptic Tag, many coloring pages, and all manner of cool stuff. You’ll find lots of hands-on things that you can do with little preparation.
  • Brainconnections offers lots of brain resources.
  • NASA’s NeurOn Teacher’s Lounge has lesson plans and links on neuroscience for kids.
  • Brainsrule is a fun learning site for your classroom computer center.  Brainsrule has longer games in which new information is presented and tested within the context of the game — you can’t go through the door to see Frankenbrain till you figure out what questions to ask and find the answers, for example.

Try out some cool classroom items:

Finally, for extra fun, follow Pam Tee’s lead and make brain cupcakes:

Halloween Brain Cupcakes

She just piped frosting onto them in brainy squiggles. If you wanted to do this in class, have kids use plastic bags with a corner snipped and challenge them to replicate a brain as exactly as possible by observing and copying photos.


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