Camping or Hiking Classroom Theme

Take a Hike classroom ideas

“Take a Hike” can be a great summer classroom theme!

Use the simple hiker icons shown in the trail markers here as a guide for cutting out your own bulletin board pieces. Dress your bulletin boards in green or brown, cut the icons in white, and add a few choice arrows.

Your bulletin board can offer

  • “This Way to Learning”
  • “On the Way to Excellence”
  • “Trekking Through Math”
  • “Find Your Way With Writing”
  • “Take a Hike!”
  • “Trailblazers”
  • “Blazing a Trail Through Second Grade”

You can keep it all decorative, or take the opportunity to work in safety, environmentalism, physical fitness, or geography.

Not in the mood to make your own?

The Carson Dellosa Camping Bulletin Board Set is an obvious choice for this theme, and shoe cut outs, or even arrows, can fit in well.

Combine these elements to make bulletin board displays, use them for centers or games, and label cubbies and centers with them.

Continue the theme with appropriate manipulatives like Learning Resources forest animals or Counting Bears.

It’s also fun to have kids draw around their own feet and cut them out. Make trails across the floor and use them to practice measurement or classroom routines.

Put a pop-up tent in a corner for a reading area, and you’re set!


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