Turkey Feather Math

Thanksgiving Turkey Feather Math Worksheet

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it can be hard to keep your students’ attention. Kids are excited about visiting relatives, eating turkey, and having a long weekend with their families. Thanksgiving themed activities are a great way to keep up with the holiday excitement and still keep students’ attention on learning activities. This activity is appropriate for students who are learning basic subtraction and addition and who are working on fine motor skills.

Print out the Turkey MathWorksheet and cut out the turkeys and feathers. If students are able to cut out the shapes on their own, this is a good exercise in fine motor skills. Mix up the feathers for each worksheet and then ask students to match the corresponding equation to the right turkey. For instance, the feather that says “=1-0” corresponds to the turkey numbered “1.” After matching the feathers to the right turkey, students can glue them to the back of the turkeys to give each turkey feathers.


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