Fish Classroom Theme Ideas


Fish make a fun classroom theme for summer school or any time of year.

There are lots of ready-made bulletin boards with fish:

  • The Happy to Sea You set is a great one for the start of a school year or summer school class.
  • Junkin’s Under the Sea bulletin board has plenty of cartoon fish.
  • O-Fish-ally Summer includes those words, but it also has lots of fairly realistic fish. There are in fact many choices for fish cut-outs.

Fish really lend themselves to writing students’ names on the individual pieces.

Bulletin board sayings for a fish theme can always use “school,” or choose one of these:

  • It’s Going Swimmingly!
  • Taking the Plunge!
  • We’re Hooked on Books
  • A Great Catch!
  • Fishing for Compliments

fish art project

A favorite fish-themed art project of mine uses triangular pencil grips to stamp out fish shapes. They look like scales, make interesting patterns, and let you teach about tessellation. For an art lesson, have students observe fish or pictures of fish and plan a basic shape for the fish. Dip one end of the pencil grip in paint and stamp it on the paper. Rotate the pencil grip slightly for the next stamp to fit the traingles together. Students can control the effect by controlling the amount of paint, and of course multiple colors of paint can be layered and combined.

If you’re using this as a math lesson, don’t draw the fish shape, but use math to build the fish from stamps of the pencil grip. Either way, students can cut out the fish (maybe make it double-sided, too) and use them for classroom decorations or bulletin boards.

It’s fun to hang fish from the ceiling, too, to make your room seem like a giant fish tank (or a really small ocean). This is a nice use for student art projects.

Online resources for a fish theme:

While you’re online, talk with students about “phishing.” An astonishing 5% of people who get a request for credit card information, social security number, and other sensitive data respond with the requested information. 5% may not sound like a lot, but that’s hundreds of thousands of people. Make sure students understand that they should never give their passwords or any other private info to someone who asks them to do so in an email or on Facebook.


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